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Welcome Citizens

For centuries the colony of Atrius has been cut off from humanity and endured generations of civil war. What remains is a gleaming city, but beyond its walls sprawls a lawless expanse known as the Fringe. Are the violent gangs beyond the wall as horrific as the government is telling us? Liberty is a series of stories told through comics, podcasts, and interactive roleplaying adventures. 

Liberty: Critical Research is a free, fully-voiced podcast with immersive sound effects and ambiance. Travel alongside Dr. Kovski, a Citizen pulled from the field of theoretical Fringe studies, as he leads a scientific expedition with no promise of return. No training could possibly prepare the team for what’s to come.

Liberty: Tales From the Tower is a free serialized horror podcast. Join the Citizens of Atrius and discover the horrors that lurk in the steel and shadows. Every episode brings a new story to discomfort and frighten you long into the night.

Liberty: Vigilance is a free audio drama podcast that started off as an Actual Play of the Liberty: AFTER roleplaying game. Dialogue with NPC's has been replaced with a full voice cast and immersive sound effects create an added layer of immersion. The story follows a team of volunteer Citizens who discover a sinister plot that will shake the very foundations of Atrius.

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Mar 19, 2019

This episode of Tales from the Tower was written by Ben Thompson - the writer behind and features characters submitted by fans who played the Liberty: AFTER roleplaying game.

Burke's team typically cleans murder sites, however they may have arrived at their latest job too soon...


Written by Ben Thompson
Produced with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff
Edited, with additional Sound Design by Pacific S. Obadiah
Mixing by Brandon Strader
Stahley Created by Morgan Humphries


Petrus Claerhaut – Peter Lewis
Burke – Russ D. More
Stahley – Kristen DiMercurio
Bennett – Caitlin Buckley
Girl – Christy Luse

“Tales from the Tower Theme 2.0” – Arranged and Performed by Brandon Boone
“Critical Research 2.0” – Written by Travis Vengroff, arranged and performed by Steven Melin
“Blackout” – Written by Adam Cartwright, arranged by Travis Vengroff

Tales from the Tower art by Cap Blackard

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